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New Director Profiles

A new wave of directors/commissioners have joined Area Agencies on Aging in the last two years. The following articles have appeared in the "Aging Together" electronic newsletter, beginning in May 2012.  The New Director profiles are part of an ongoing series included in each issue:

Ulster County Office for Aging's New Director, Kelly McMullen, on the "New" Basic Needs
Aging-NY (June 2015)
The good news is: County Executive Michael P. Hein has added two new positions to the Ulster County Office for Aging, a senior case manager and a senior services case aide, "which we're very happy about," Kelly said. "He really gets it," Kelly said of Hein. "He really wants to see us do all we can to meet seniors' needs." view

Franklin County's New Director, Becky Preve, Says OFA is "Embedded" 
Aging-NY (June 2015)
Franklin County, which sits north of the Adirondack Park along the border with Canada, is unique because the office for aging does all the referrals for Medicaid Home Care Services and for nursing home transition and diversion program waiver programs. view

New Seneca Nation of Indians Office for the Aging Director, Lesley Kennedy, Sees Health Disparities Shrink

Aging-NY (January 2015)
Native Americans have long experienced lower life expectancy because of inadequate education, disproportionate poverty, discrimination in the delivery of health services, and cultural differences. But that trend is reversing. view

St. Regis Mohawk Welcomes New Director Lora Lee La France and a Focus on Prevention
Aging-NY (January 2015)
What does the St. Regis Mohawk Office for the Aging have in common with the Seneca Nation Indians Office for the Aging? Two things: a new office for Aging Director and a focus on prevention. view

Patty Baroody on Her New Role as Steuben County's Aging Office Director
Aging-NY (July 2014) 
Patty Baroody has been with the office for aging as a Caregiver Coordinator for 15 years. She replaced the retiring office for aging Director in January, 2014, just in time for the state's roll-out of  health care delivery system reform and Managed Long Term Care. view

Jamie Kelly, Broome County Aging Services Director, Arrives Just in Time for Managed LTC
Aging-NY (May 2014)
Jamie Kelly joined the Broome County Office for Aging as its Director four months ago and was immediately taken by the idea of one particular service offered through that office – Social Adult Day Services. view

Albany County Appoints George Brown Commissioner of the Department for Aging

Aging-NY (April 2014)
George Brown, new Commissioner of the Albany County Department for Aging, understands the value of nursing homes, but he also knows what his job is: to keep Albany County's seniors out of nursing homes by providing the highest quality supportive services. view

Allegany Director Madeleine Gasdik's Human Services Roots are in Tehran, Iran
Aging-NY (April 2014)
Madeleine Gasdik lives and works in rural Allegany County where she is the Director of the Allegany County Office for the Aging, but her passion for human services probably comes from her days growing up outside the United States - in Vietnam and Iran. view

Irene Coveny, Eldersource Co-founder, Moves to the Ontario Aging Office
Aging-NY (November 2013)
So what do you do when your population increases 37 percent? That's what Irene Coveny, the New Director of the Ontario Office for the Aging is about to find out. view.

Kallie Martin Returns to Akwesasne to Lead the Saint-Regis Mohawk Office for the Aging
Aging-NY (November 2013)
People are living longer, and that's just as true on the Saint-Regis Indian Reservation as it is anywhere else so all of the issues and challenges faced by county-based Area Agencies on Aging are faced by another New York State aging services group - the Saint-Regis Mohawk Office for the Aging. view

Julie Allen Aldrich, New Monroe County Aging Office Director, Sees Nest Eggs Crack
Aging-NY (October 2013)
While most New York State counties are feeling the effects of an aging population, Monroe County is feeling the effects of an aging population coupled with the downsizing of corporations like Kodak, Bausch & Lomb and Xerox. view

Age-Friendly Communities on Agenda for Pam Brown
Aging-NY (9/29/2013)  
One of the things the Chemung County Department of Aging and Long Term Care continues to focus on with its new Director in place is something every community should be striving for in 2013. view

Montgomery County Aging's New Director David Jordan Walks the Walk on Human Services 
Aging-NY (9/29/2013)   
The Association on Aging in New York started a new mentoring program and David Jordan was pleased to find another "orange" in the Area Agency on Aging Director he was matched with. view

Putnam's New Director Pat Sheehy Envisions a Future with Better Planning
Aging-NY (August 2013)
Pat Sheehy, Director of the Putnam County Office of the Aging, would like to see a different future when it comes to aging: one that includes a plan. view

Cathy Mackay Positions Cattaraugus Aging for the Long Term
Aging-NY (August 2013)
Cathy Mackay hasn't been Director of the Cattaraugus County Department of Aging for long but already she's breaking new ground; the county's aging office is the new contractor for the Pines Health Care-Machias nursing home facility's food services/nutrition program. view

Erie County Commissioner Rooted in Community-Based Aging Services
(Aging-NY July 2013)
As a Program Assistant at Hamburg Adult Day, Randy was exposed to the challenges facing caregivers, saw the fear present in the faces of those with dementia, and experienced the personal care assistance needs of many of our program participants. view

Schenectady Office for Aging’s Laurie Bacheldor Makes the Most of Other Local Nonprofits

(NYSAAAA April 2013)
Senior Centers already exist throughout Schenectady County but the Tapping into the Arts collaboration will be available to seniors in downtown Schenectady, Niskayuna, Rotterdam and Glenville and draws on the resources of more than one nonprofit. view

Aging Director Deborah Allen Says Snowbirds are Flying Back North to Sullivan County
(NYSAAAA March 2013)
Wayne started his career as a clinical nurse and joined the county Department of Public Health where he worked for more than two decades before becoming Director of the Delaware County Office for the Aging in 2011. view

Gina Cantanucci-Mitchell: Leading Aging and Disability Resource Center for Washington County
(NYSAAAA March 2013)
One thing Gina Cantanucci-Mitchell wasn’t expecting when she joined Washington County’s Office for Aging as Executive Director was the sale of the county Department of Public Health, but that’s the news in Washington County, the North Country. view

Delaware County Aging Services Director Wayne Shepard on Aging in Rural New York

(NYSAAAA January 2013)
If you’re from New York, any part of New York, you know what people outside the state are thinking when you tell them where you’re from. Skyscrapers. Not! view

Greene County's Terry McGee Ward Goes from One Extreme to the Other on the Aging Spectrum

(NYSAAAA December 2012)
In keeping with the Sage Commission and the Governor’s consolidation plan, Greene County has taken the “everyone is aging” axiom to heart by merging two bureaus – youth and aging. view

Orleans Director Melissa Blanar Sees Only Growth in County
(NYSAAAA November 2012)
If there’s one thing we know as a result of the 2010 Census it’s that one segment of the New York State population is staying put – older New Yorkers. view

New Director Ken Genewick Reintroduces Niagara County to NY Connects

(NYSAAAA October 2012)
When Ken Genewick became the Director of the Niagara County Office for the Aging he recognized the need to help people make decisions about their own long term care and re-established the vehicle for doing that – NY Connectsview

Lewis County's Brenda Bourgeois Brings Personal and Professional Experience to New Role
NYSAAAA (October 2012)
As with many people who grew up in rural settings, Brenda Bourgeois expected to leave but returned after graduating from the University at Albany, SUNY and never left, which has been a plus her mother and the Lewis County Office for the Aging.view

New Director Ken Genewick Reintroduces Niagara County to NY Connects
NYSAAAA (October 2012)
When Ken Genewick became the Director of the Niagara County Office for the Aging he recognized the need to help people make decisions about their own long term care and re-established the vehicle for doing that - NY Connects. view

Caregiver Stress: Not Something New to Tioga Director Jill Murray

NYSAAAA (September 2012)
Tioga Opportunities is a private, not for profit, human service agency that serves Tioga County in New York. It's not a county agency like the other Area Agencies on Aging, but the same programs apply. view

Floods No Myth for Schoharie County Office for the Aging
NYSAAAA (August 2012)
Mythical floods have graced literature since the beginning of time but the flooding from last year's hurricane and tropical storm-- Irene and Lee - was no myth for the thousands who were impacted by the flood - many of them clients of the Schoharie Office for the Aging. view

Nassau County Mental Health Professional Good Fit for Aging Office
NYSAAAA (July 2012)
Victoria Meyerhoefer, a 25-year veteran of the mental health field, might seem like an unusual choice for Director of the Nassau County Office for the Aging until you realize two million Americans over the age of 65 suffer from depression. view

Cortland Director Stepped in as Interim and Stayed

NYSAAAA (July 2012)
Elizabeth Haskins, a registered dietician for the agency, worked 9-plus years in the agency's Health Insurance Information Counseling and Assistance Program (HIICAP) when she was named interim of the agency. HIICAP educates the public about Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, EPIC, and other health insurance options and issues. view

Commissioner Gets Early Start in the Aging Department

NYSAAAA (May 2012)
Judy Coyne's bio talks about her early experience volunteering in a nursing home in Watertown, NY, as the influence on her career. But the Albany County Department for Aging Commissioner really got her first taste of the aging community earlier than that - living in the same town as her grandmothers. view
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