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Governor Andrew Cuomo
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- 2014 Legislative Calendar view
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- Aid to Localities Budget Bill         (NYSOFA budget pages 1 to 15)        budget bill 
Joint Budget Schedule                 released 1/31/14 view 
- Assembly One-house budget     bill 3/11/14 view NYSOFA
- Assembly Budget Committees     3/12/14 view 
- Senate Budget Resolution           3/13/14 view
- NYSOFA Funding Chart                3/13/14 view

Assembly Chair Joan Millman
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Senate Chair David Valesky
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Fact: Caregivers provide 80 percent of all long-term care in New York State, saving the state $32 billion in health care spending annually (Valuing the Invaluable: 2011 Update - The Growing Contributions and Costs of Family Caregiving, AARP, page 27, Table B1). Area Agencies provide support for those caregivers.

Click here to read the AARP report referenced above
New York State Legislative Updates

NYS Budget Includes $5 Million Increase for Community Services for the Elderly
(Aging-NY, CSCS, LIfespan, NYSCA. 4/1/2014) The 2014-15 Budget includes an additional $5 million for the Community Services for the Elderly (CSE) program, which is a positive step toward depleting waiting lists for services. Click here.

A Budget with a Silver Lining
Aging-NY (3/29/14)
The New York State budget brings positive news for seniors waiting for services plus expanded eligibility for the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) Program. Click here to find out how offices for aging will use CSE funds. Click here for NYS Office for Aging Budget Chart.

Budget Billed Printed in the Nick of Time

(ALBANY, NY 3/29/14) In the middle of the night, the budget bills were printed and delivered to lawmaker's desks (with the exception of the Health bill, which missed the deadline). Great news - the NYSOFA budget included an additional $5 million for the Community Services for the Elderly (CSE) program, plus $930,000 for a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).

State Budget Inching Forward

(ALBANY, NY 3/28/14) State lawmakers are close to making a budget deal.  The state fiscal year ends March 31, 2014, and everyone is hoping for another on-time budget which, if successful, would be the fourth in a row.  Governor Cuomo has indicated he is not willing to send the Legislature a “message of necessity” that would allow the Senate and Assembly to waive the three-day waiting period for the bills to “age” on legislators’ desks.  What does that mean? The complete set of budget bills must be distributed in both chambers by 11:59 pm on Friday March 28th in order to meet the three-day waiting period. And Monday March 31st would begin the race to debate, vote, and sign the bills by the bewitching hour of the stroke of midnight on March 31st. 

Albany Times Union (3/28/14 7:21 am) Can this really be the budget? view
Albany Times Union (3/28/14 6:58 am) Closing the Budget Breadbox view
Albany Times Union (3/28/14 12:34 pm) Silver: Rumors of my going home are greatly exaggerated view
Albany Times Union (3/28/14 5:34 pm) Budget plodding forward view

A Crisis in Seniors Services
Staten Island Advance Editorial (3/26/2014)
Staten Island is undergoing an "age tsunami." The challenge of case-management for older residents here mirrors the situation citywide and statewide. view

Staten Island Seniors in State Program Waiting for In-home Caseworker Visits
Staten Island Advance (3/24/2014)
Staten Island's exploding senior population has meant that hundreds of seniors in a state program are on months-long waiting lists for in-home visits from caseworkers. And advocates are concerned that the problem could grow worse with the number of seniors here expected to continue climbing. view

Independent Democratic Conference Report: Making NY More Affordable for Seniors

(3/19/2014) Includes proposals for: EPIC expansion, increased CSE, and a Paid Caregiver Leave Program

Click here for the press conference on YouTub

Ann Marie Cook, Bobbie Sackman, and
Laura Cameron speak with Assemblyman Marcos A. Crespo (District 85) about the importance of increased funding for Community Services for the Elderly (CSE)

(March 19, 2014)

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for the press release 

Click here
for the IDC report

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for photos  

Click here for two page Joint Budget Statement, and for a summary click here.

State Budget – Updated NYSOFA Budget Chart
In light of the Assembly and Senate one-house budget bills, the Association on Aging in NY has updated the NYSOFA funding chart. Page 1 includes a chart, and page 2 contains additional details on the budget. view chart

NY Legislature Recognizes Value of Supporting Independence for Seniors
The Senate and Assembly this week released their versions of the State’s 2014-15 budget and each one-house budget proposal includes additional funding. read more

Senate Announces Budget Conference Committees

On March 13, 2014 the Senate Majority Coalition Co-Leaders Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein announced appointments to Budget Conference
Committees. view 

Senate Budget Resolution 
On March 13, 2014 the Senate released its Budget Resolution outlining its recommendations for the budget. view 

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Announces Budget Conference Committees

On March 12th, Assembly Speaker Silver announced appointments to the Budget Conference Committees. These legislators will work with the Senate Budget Conference Committees to negotiate the final state budget. The Senate Committees will be announced soon. The NYSOFA budget falls under the Health Budget Subcommittee. view press release

Assembly One-House Budget Bill
The Assembly’s one-house budget bill is available. For NYSOFA, there are three changes recommended to the budget language proposed by the Governor.  Note that the Senate will also be presenting a one-house budget bill, we will provide it when available. Then the two houses will convene Budget Conference Committees to negotiate the differences and produce a final budget by March 31. 
    Senator Valesky Named Chair of Senate Aging Committee - Thursday, February 27, 2014
    (ALBANY, NY 2/27/14) State Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida) was named Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee today, a post he previously held from 2011-12. “I am pleased to resume chairmanship of the Aging Committee and look forward to taking the lead on policy issues that are important to seniors and their families,” Senator Valesky said. “With Baby Boomers entering retirement age, aging issues are among the state’s most important.” Read more.

    Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Human Services: February 4, 2014

    On February 4th, the Senate Finance Committee and Assembly Ways and Means Committee held a Human Services budget hearing. Testimony can be provided verbally during the hearing and also provided in written format.
    • Testimony of NYSOFA Acting Director Corinda Crossdale view
    • Testimony of Association on Aging in New York, Laura Cameron view
    Joint Advocacy Document & Legislative Conference- February 4, 2014
    Joint position statement  view
      • Legislative conference February 4th in Albany- United in Advocacy- join the movement!
      • Conference details  view
      • Tips on how to make a legislative appointment view
      Council of Senior Centers and Services (CSCS) Conference
      • Public Policy Workshop on Meeting Unmet Needs – January 23, 2014 view
      New York State 2014-15 Budget
      Governor releases State Budget January 21, 2014
      • NYSOFA Funding Chart view
      • News articles reacting to Governor's budget view
      Age-Friendly Hearing Hosted by Assembly on December 4, 2013
      On December 4, 2013, the Chair of the Assembly Aging Committee, Joan Millman, hosted a hearing on Aging Neighborhoods and the Evolution of Senior-Friendly Communities. More than a dozen individuals testified regarding age-friendly initiatives, including NYSOFA Acting Director Greg Olsen and Association on Aging in New York Executive Director Laura Cameron.
      Caregivers in Crisis 
      • Final Report of the Caregiver Listening Sessions: "Caregivers in Crisis" (November 21, 2013) view
      • Albany Times Union Article (November 21, 2013) view
      • Photos from press conference view
      Advocacy Meetings
      November 21, 2013 with Governor's Office
          • Meeting summary view (members only)
          • Photos view 

          Archived Information
          New York State 2013-14 Budget

          • Bill Tracker 2013 view

          New York State 2012-13 Budget
          • Bill Tracker 2012 view
          • Executive Budget 2012-13 Budget & Reform Plan view
          • Advocacy letter: Aging Alliance Requests Funds for Fill Unintended Gap Created by U.S. Censusview
          • Press Release: Bad Time to Cut Programs that Reduce Medicaid Spending view 
          • Testimony from Age-Friendly Communities click here


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