Monday, March 27, 2017
New York State Budget Update

This week, the Senate and Assembly released their One-House Budget Resolutions detailing their respective responses to the Governor’s proposed budget and the news is very promising! The Senate and Assembly rejected the governor’s proposal to cut Title XX and the proposal to eliminate the county match waiver. The Senate and Assembly support increased funding for CSE by $5 million and $2 million respectively and the Senate is proposing restoring NY Connects money to NYSOFA while the Assembly would include a carve-out of $3.35 million for NY Connects in the Global Cap. The Senate and Assembly restored cuts to fight Elder Abuse and the Assembly added additional money for Elder Abuse.

All of your work and letters and petitions had a MAJOR impact!

This is great progress but we have more to do!

What should we do now?

Please immediately contact all of your state representatives and ask them "to stand up for aging services funding” during their Conference meetings on the budget which begin the week of March 20th.

Senate Switchboard: 518-455-2800 

Assembly Switchboard: 518-455-4100

WHEN YOU CALL YOUR State Legislators you should thank them for their support for senior services in their one-house budgets but urge them to continue fighting for this funding.

WHEN YOU CALL - SAMPLE SCRIPT: “I am calling to ask that when you are in conference meetings this week, please stand up for seniors by standing up for aging services funding restored in your house budget. This includes the increased funding for Community Services for the Elderly (CSE) funding for the 17,000 seniors on waiting lists for services statewide, elder abuse funding and restoration of the Title XX cut.”

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