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Ninety percent of customers surveyed were satisfied with NY Connects staff and benefits of the program to the community.

If only 2% of nursing home eligible New York State residents remain in the community (615 people), the Medicaid cost savings in 2011 dollars is $29 million.

Source: Lewin Group ADRC Cost Savings Calculator
NY Connects

"No Wrong Door" for Entry into Long Term Services and Supports

The US Administration on Aging and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) envision Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) as entry points into the long term services and supports (LTSS) system for older Americans.

NY Connects is New York State's ADRC, a locally based point of entry system that enhances the ability of the Area Agencies on Aging to provide access to objective and comprehensive information and assistance on long term services and supports care, linking individuals of all ages needing long-term care to the most appropriate service and supports, regardless of payment source.

Long Term Care Councils are a key component of NY Connects. They identify gaps in services and together with AAA's develop plans and implement strategies to address issues. Fact Sheet

ADRC's like NY Connects effectively assist consumers with identifying and accessing a range of home and community-based resources to maintain independence of older Americans, as well as individuals with disabilities and slows the rate of growth and expenditures in the state's Medicaid programs.

Recent research found that states with well-established home and community-based service programs have lower overall long-term care spending growth. States with low levels of the same expenditures had an increase in overall costs.

Affordable Care Act Incentives

The Federal Affordable Care Act's Balancing Incentives Program (BIP) requires three structural changes -- investments -- New York State and other states would have to make to qualify for the federal funding:

  1. A statewide no wrong door-single entry point system
  2. Conflict-free case management services
  3. Core standardized assessment instruments

NYS Department of Health submitted its BIP application to CMS in February 2013 view application

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