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Aging Alliance

A diverse group of social service agencies that serve New York state's oldest and most vulnerable residents, and promote expanded options for aging in place in the community.

Aging Alliance

Gov.’s SAGE Commission Recognizes Value of Aging Network Approach to Long Term Care as Fiscal Cliff Bears Down
Albany, NY (February 25, 2013) – The Governor’s SAGE (Spending and Government Efficiency) Commission released its final report in February, reaffirming what the Aging Alliance has known all along: New York State would benefit from making greater use of the type of programs and delivery mechanisms employed by the New York State Office for the Aging. view

The Aging Alliance: Organizations Serving Older New Yorkers

Albany, NY - In the spring of 2011, the Aging Alliance - comprised of multiple social service agencies, serving our oldest and most vulnerable New York State citizens - testified and submitted a proposal to the SAGE Commission, which Governor Andrew Cuomo has charged with streamlining state government across all departments.

The Aging Alliance testified that adding an Office for Aging and Community Supports would enhance the independent Office for Aging's Individualized approach to the long term care system in New York State and reduce seniors' chances of spending down their resources and ending up on Medicaid.

New York State Committee on SAGE Commission Roundtable Youtube Video from 5/18/2011.

The Capitol News reported on May 27, 2011 that Paul Francis, Gov. Cuomo's director of agency design and efficiency and a SAGE commission co-chair, said the Office for Aging is likely to be spared from consolidation with the state Department of Health, after the Aging Alliance testified for members of the commission.

"We really came away with a really strong feeling that putting them together would be far more likely today to bring the bad practices of the DOH over to the Office for Aging rather than bring the good practices of the Office for Aging over to the DOH," Francis said.

Click here for a list of the Aging Alliance organizations.

The Aging Alliance supports Gov. Cuomo's efforts to make government more efficient and less expensive. expanding the community-based program model already being used by Aging Alliance organization would streamline the process of administering community-based programs for a growing senior population and with some added supports put the state in line for receiving federal health care reform funds.

An independent New York State Office for the Aging positions the state to best serve its aging population, especially in the context of federal and state health care reform.  

Click here for the Aging Alliance Proposal for More Efficient Aging Services.
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