Thursday, December 13, 2018

Aging-NY Welcomes a New Key Supporter - PeerPlace

What do you get when you add private industry, nonprofits and government agencies together?

You get a stronger Aging Network in New York State.

Operating under the belief that we have to work together in order to move forward, the Association on Aging in NY has established a Key Supporter program. (Click here to become a Key Supporter). The goal is to be more inclusive of other organizations with the similar goal of providing quality cost effective community based services and programs to older New Yorkers so they can age in place in their homes and communities.

Following the introduction of the Key Supporter, the Association on Aging in NY's longtime supporter, PeerPlace, quickly responded by becoming a Key Supporter and signing up to be a Diamond Sponsor for our Aging Concerns Unite Us conference in June.

“PeerPlace Networks is delighted to become a Key Supporter of the Association on Aging in NY. This new opportunity enhances our 10+ year partnership with the Association as we continue to support the work of the area agencies on aging. We share the vision of providing excellent home and community based services to New York’s older residents –where they prefer to receive them,” said PeerPlace Networks’ President, Eric Frey.

As the role of the aging network continues to expand to meet the needs of older adults, PeerPlace works closely with the AAAs (Area Agencies on Aging) to address regulatory and practice changes that affect their organizations. By understanding the regulatory requirements of AAAs and their service partners, we are able to update the PeerPlace system to reflect those changes. As a result, PeerPlace customers are always in compliance, allowing them to focus on the individual needs of their participants and to provide those services in the most efficient manner.

In addition to becoming a Key Supporter, PeerPlace signed on to be a Diamond Supporter at the Association's Aging Concerns Unite Us conference that takes place in June at the Desmond Hotel in Albany.

“Our attendance at the Aging Concerns Unite Us Conference for the last thirteen years has allowed us to share in celebrating the work of the AAAs and their providers. It also provides us with face-to-face opportunities to learn about the changing landscape of the aging network,” commented Eric Frey.

PeerPlace Networks has supported the work of the Association for many years, including the annual Leadership Institute and Aging Forum as well as ACUU. It was a natural extension of this commitment to become a Key Supporter!

"We're thrilled with PeerPlace's support and look forward to working more closely with them. We need their support to expand options for New Yorkers so they can age in place in their homes and communities, where they want to be," said Laura Cameron, Executive Director of the Association on Aging in NY. "We recognize the value of having private and nonprofit organizations, as well as government agencies, working together to provide cost effective programs and services that keep aging New Yorkers living independently within their communities." The Association on Aging in NY represents the state's mostly county based 59 Area Agencies on Aging.

There are three levels of Key Supporter: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Click here for information on each and to become a Key Supporter.

Become a Key Supporter and...

  •      Strengthen Area Agencies on Aging and services for seniors so they can remain in their homes -- where    they want to be.  
  •      Collaborate with the aging services network to expand options for seniors and their caregivers.   
  •      Influence public policy by being involved in our grassroots advocacy.
  •      Build stronger communities through community-based services for older New Yorkers.  
  •      Help promote services vital to the health and well being of older New Yorkers.
  •      Revolutionize choice: Make it a reality for individuals to truly have the option of living at home and in the  community.

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